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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

community in dispersion

Its very odd to think that just a few short years ago we, well most of us, called the Pioneer Valley home. Even stranger to think that most of us are not there now. I have a lot to write in this forum. My student/colleague Jason and I are almost through with Transcritique and I think that has been a very productive read for the both of us. I feel like the philosophical substance of this book--that philosophers (and others) are always writing from this in-between, transcritical position (for example, the evolution of Marx's writing in relation to his being in-between France, Germany and England)--speaks in some way to our collective condition as well. As much as I can see the value of seeing myself in relation to universality/singularity, I am still working through and mourning the loss of my general/individual self.

In this initial post, I simply wanted to thank YMM for setting up the forum.
Stephen (aka. big-bad-bull)


Blogger Kenan Ercel said...


I liked what Karatani's done with his picture here. Presence of absence vs absence of presence --I suppose.

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