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Monday, November 06, 2006

some matters of logistics

this entry will be continually edited and will address matters of using the blogspot.

1. please familiarize yourself with the technology of blogging.
2. if you would like to update links and cannot figure out how to, let me know.
3. we should think of links we want to be associated with. we should also link ourselves to other blogs and ask them to link us.
4. please use images.
5. don't feel oppressed by the idea of blogging. just blog away. i will edit, if necessary.
6. remember, you can always edit your blog. but don't obsess too much.
7. this is a public blog but we will not experience too much traffic probably.
8. all members are adminstrators. drive responsibly!
9. remember to select update service in the settings. this way you will learn about it when a fellow traveller updates the blog.
10. please, please, please, bookmark the blog and visit frequently.

keep connected!


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