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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Activists in Istanbul Protest Israel's Apartheid Wall


Blogger Tessarakontapechys said...

What would Roland Barthes say?:

Who is this child and what is her function? The radiance of the pink is almost unbearable when set against the drab and dreary garb of the activist clan.

She is there, no doubt, as a symbol of non-violence. These people have come not to scream, merely speak loudly (through megaphones, etc.) of non-combative non-compliance against the State of Israel. Though there are flames in the background, do not be afraid. Gone are the days of molotov cocktails. These are more the style of the Olympics. In the end, the pink coat was intended to say all there was to say.

What is she looking at when looking, within the picture, at the picture of a wall? Does she think the wall will fall? Will she be given candy, after this night of protest? I hope so.

4:42 PM


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