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Thursday, April 12, 2007

this man from poland wearing strange glasses

In lieu of a significant post on David Lynch, and the future (and/or death) of cinema...this is what is on offer:

"A great unified field."

It is only the transcendental meditation of David Lynch that makes me not believe in him being the greatest filmmaker of all time.

Follow this link to hear more from Lynch himself:

His utter conviction in the unity of all ideas (or "big fish" as he likes to call them) should disturb us all. But fear not. David Lynch, like all of us, has an unconscious. He knows not what he does.

Lynch on Texture:

Lynch on Digital Video:

Lynch on the death of film:

*Note: all audio files are taken from David Lynch's book "Catching the Big Fish"

More commentary to follow...


Blogger saint ymM said...

thanks, entropy, the destroyer.

ok so, we need to approach to david lynch's film FORMALLY, from the perspective of its production. it is necessary to approach FORMALLY not only because the text of the film refuses to be pinned down to a traditional narrative but also because in that way we can touch the unconscious of David Lynch's discourse. so, precisely in this sense, it is necessary to begin with the texture of the DV image transferred to the silk screen.

9:42 AM


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